Team DealerK: the digital partner to help your business grow

DealerK is the landmark for any dealers who wishes to overcome the old marketing strategies and become the market leader, taking advantage of the possibilities that only digital can offer.

We can provide you with all the tools you need to address the new digital  journey of your clients. Thanks to a next-generation website, web marketing campaigns on search engines, social networks and innovative training courses, you will be able to achieve your business goals.

The competences we offer is the injection you need to fully understand the digital developments and to better manage the new logic of promotion and purchases that are emerging in the automotive field.

Our mission is to guide you on the path of innovation: it is a fascinating and challenging journey, full of great challenges to overcome … which we tackle together!


DealerK is the partner of new digital car dealerships.

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A single technology partner: DealerK

Unique technology at your service.

We guarantee a complete solution, strong and ready to go for your digital business with a single interlocutor ready to support you in the daily growth process of your business.
Our technology platform is the only key that allows you to have: a stock manager with multi publication of your ads, a car configurator with the official and updated data, complete management of content and media, marketing suite, continuous feature updates …

The marketing that centers the automotive

Reliability, competence and digital evolution.

The market evolution requires a greater competence, and our experience has given us knowledge of all aspects of the automotive industry and the ability to transform it in combined marketing strategies focused on effectiveness.

DealerK provides a complete marketing mix, using various channels available and offering a range of investment solutions, to ensure maximum efficacy and constant monitoring of KPI. We are not an web agency, but the only Google Premium Automotive Partner in southern Europe!

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Training: to overcome obstacles

To each his own path.

With a strong focus on the everyday life of a dealer, we have created training programs that develop the skills within your company at all levels, this gives you the tools to manage the change, both theoretically and practically.

E-learning, tailored assistance with a Performance Coach, on site training for each business department, phone coaching to turn the calls into appointments, advanced training with the Master Program courses and ADM certification.


DealerK is your ideal partner!