Digital technology at the service of the automotive

Thanks to DealerK you can have the exclusive technology to become a digital dealer who is competent and able to face new challenges.
We provide ALL the necessary tools to achieve the commercial objectives of your business.
We don’t just offer a simple website but a virtual salon, complete with tools and strategies that allows you to focus on your goal: sell cars and services.

We are, at DealerK, the most reliable technological partner, we are able to answer all your needs

… Ready to go?

Responsive website: the customer is the protagonist

Our sites are designed to follow the entire customer journey and welcome at the utmost comfort, on any device, your client, at every moment of their path of purchasing, helping you meet their needs.
For this reason we analysed millions of hits on our sites and we added functionalities suitable to offer the easiest way to navigate to your potential customer.
Find out what we can give you with your new site …

By choosing to create a site with us, you will have: advanced search in the stock and car range, search by payment fee, photos, videos and maps, favorites and compare, touch points and more.

…Discover the rest, starting from the stock manager!

Focus on the car park: stock manager

The stock managers are the heart of our technology, as it allows the integration of all your digital devices such as DMS, CRM, website and the major classified portals.
Thanks to the exclusive partnership with Autoscout24, the use of this portal becomes easier and your car stock will always be updated and easily manageable with our interface.


With the stock manager, automatic multi publication on

  • Autoscout24
  • Subito
  • OEM portals

and more than 20 other free portals.

…and for new cars, test the power of the exclusive car configurator

Car Configurator: your leads, on your site

The exclusive Car Configurator is the only solution to have on your site, automatically and always updated, the whole range of new vehicles of your brand: with prices, technical description, engines, equipment, options and available images.
No additional costs for content management, you’ll be providing your visitors with all the latest information on models for sale.
They stay on your site without migrating to the parent configurator, and become potential customers: every lead arrives directly to your BDC!

Customise communications: Marketing Suite

Communicate the information of greatest importance directly to your users! Thanks to the marketing suite you will have all the necessary tools to personalised your communications, effectively show the promotions and always have control of the navigation of your users.
Tested daily by our specialists, the suite is continually updated, to put at your disposal the capabilities of the communication 2.0.

Our Marketing Suite is dedicated to your marketers and allows you to independently manage:

  • Landing pages for the launch of new vehicles and special promotions
  • Special lists of vehicles in stock: last minute promotions, underpriced, prompt delivery, new drivers …
  • Pop-up directly activated by the user’s behavior
  • Skin and banners
…and the official communication from Car Makers?

Online promotions, abreast with Car Makers

With the DealerK platform you can directly deliver to your site all promotions of the Car Maker, and make the most of the communication possibilities. In fact, you will show in real-time month by month promotions to your customer without wasting budget and time.
A constantly updated website allows you to improve visibility, to be found by the user searches and provide a concrete response to customer needs.

Reserved areas for your B2B business

This feature speeds up the rotation of your stock with the traders area. Thanks to the new restricted area, select the vehicles for the B2B channel, you will manage the dedicated prices, with the ability to make promotions and show them to who you wish.
Manage the most confidential communication to your partners with the documentation area. A section dedicated exclusively to your B2B partners, for document sharing, and offers.

… Services also wants its share

The user experience does not end with the purchase of a car, but proceeds throughout its life cycle. So must your web positioning!
DealerK gives you a range of products dedicated to the Aftersales Market and, in general, to the services world.
From the dedicated section in your corporate site where clients can book a service, passing from a specialised website exclusively for the after sale, to get to the mobile app for IOS and Android. With DealerK your communication will always be effective and accurate.

Evolving Business = Evolving Technology

The automotive sector is one of the most dynamic in recent years, with continuous changes both in products and sales methods and services offered; This is the reason why the DealerK technology continually grows, making continuous improvements, as well as allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market.
Our formula is simple and effective: to offer unique technology in SaaS mode, we continue to develop new ideas and functionality, we anticipate trends.

SaaS means software as a service, if we are to compare this technology to the automotive sector, it’s like a long term rental of a car.worldl. Not the sale of a product, but the offer of a package with a payment fee, complete with product and services to support your activity in every aspect.