Training for the growth of the digital dealer

Digitalisation has affected the automotive industry, with new habits and new needs. Change is inevitable and you must know how to deal with all levels of the company in order to avoid missing opportunities for growth and to remain on the market.
DealerK is also competitive in this new scenario and provides you with appropriate training programs, with a strong orientation to the real dealerships life.

There is no better coaching than that offered by DealerK!

formazione digitale per manager concessionarie automobili
formazione automotive performance coaching

Performance coaching: the additional thrust

DealerK has highly trained staff to support you in your daily digital activities. We provide personalised assistance for your business needs, offering advice on an ongoing basis. Become a real digital manager quickly, and one who is focused on performance and KPI and you will know all the challenges facing the automotive world.

The performance team is the division dedicated to the analysis and development of improved dealer performance strategies for traghettarlo, based on consolidated KPI, to digital success.

On site training, for the operating team

The whole dealership staff must be prepared to face the new digital challenges. With our courses we provide to your operational team with the best practices for the implementation of digital opportunities.
Our expertise covers all business processes, from lead management to direct actions on acquired prospect, by structuring the BDC up to the web marketing management.

training venditori call center automobili
phone coaching telefonate appuntamenti in salone auto

Phone coaching: lead = appointment

How to approach the customer? What to say and when? How to terminate the call and confirm the appointment in the outlet? DealerK prepares you to manage phone calls on incoming leads in a winning way, to deal with the possible objections and related issues.
Our training prepares you and will reveal all the secrets of a perfect phone conversation, alongside your operators BDC in the metrics management and performance improvement and aims to “sell” the appointment.

Internet Motors Master Program

Internet Motors Master Program is the advanced training program that guides you to the discovery of modern marketing techniques for the automotive sector. Classroom participation entitles you to also access to national events and to our eLearning portal.

The program is divided into group classes and seminars in various Italian cities, to explore the use of the latest tools to best create online advertising, improve lead management, increase the number of visits to your site, turn leads into appointments and enhance sales.

With our program you bring the digital culture in your dealership!

tecniche marketing internet motors master program
scuola adm automotive digital manager

Certify your digital manager

You need professional profiles to manage digital projects, and only a good preparation is the guarantee to acquire the necessary skills. For this reason we have created the first school for Automotive Digital Managers, which is able to prepare qualified managers who have certified skills and who are able to manage your virtual dealership.


At the end of the course, which lasts one year and is led by DealerK along with partners such as Google and Autoscout24, you will be issued a certification that guarantees the insertion of a truly qualified and prepared resource into the dealership