Marketing to real business objectives

The constant evolution of the digital market has shifted the marketing needs and advertising investment budget from paper to digital.
With the different packs offered by DealerK we can guarantee maximum effectiveness of promotions and the constant monitoring of the most significant KPI monitoring:

DealerK is a reliable partner, certified by Google, and with which you can make your business grow!

Monitoring with just one click

If you trust us you will always have visibility on the performance of your site and your online initiatives.

Monitoring your web platform and the marketing operations, this will allow you to adapt your proposals based on visitors needs, to turn them into actual customers.

The data analysis tools allow you, through the tracking codes, to find out who visits your site, how often, from which device and

The online automotive marketing protagonists

With more than 2 million leads already generated, our team can guarantee you the best knowledge of the industry marketing strategies.

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other online promotion channels are the most effective way to reach your potential new clients.

We at DealerK are the only Google AdWords Premier Partner in the automotive sector in southern Europe, with us you get reliable results.

Our partnership makes us the ideal advisor to guarantee high performance in online marketing, real effectiveness in campaign management and a better return on investments.

All this at affordable prices compared to the “classic” advertising agencies.

In addition, to provide calibrated results on your business objectives, we share your budget across multiple channels, creating a marketing mix tailored to you.

Get ready to take off!

Land on the right landing page!

Through landing pages, web pages optimised by keywords and graphic layouts, we can capture all traffic from interested visitors, and get them to take the desired action: to contact you!

Thanks to our car configurator, we are the only service who are  able to automatically generate specific landing pages for each of your car models. In this way our activities are optimisedfor campaigns on configurable channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter …

Thanks to our landing page, your Web communications will get high conversion rates.

At the top of the standings, with SEO Pack

The visibility of your website on search engines is a strategic asset for you to be known and to generate new leads, through the “organic” traffic to your site. The Search Engine Optimization is the medium that allows you to achieve this result.

Building a solid system is the first step to position yourself firmly in searches; to excel, it needs to have constant updates of original content, distributed with a cutting-edge platform.

The websites by DealerK are born SEO friendly and are rich of functionalities studied to support the positioning on ┬áthe search engines. To improve your “natural” visibility we create landing pages full of content designed by our SEO manager, which help you improve your ranking on Google and allows your customers to find you more easily, which helps to your strategic goals.

Content Pack: Our team writes for you

To retain your customers and to be a reference point in your geographical area, we offer you updated content, insertion of promotions, publication of news on the automotive market and special posts on your events.